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Throughout the area, I have given my clients sound legal advice when it comes to planning their estate or running their business. From wills and trusts to business contracts and agreements, you can rely on the knowledge and experience that I have acquired during my time as an attorney. I proudly serve those in Cleveland, Canadian, Oklahoma, Lincoln, and Logan Counties.

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Attorney at Law

Right after earning my bachelor's degree in accounting and then my Juris Doctor, I worked at a Fortune 500 company and later as a Chief Financial Officer for a client in California. Because of my background in business, it only made sense for me to continue that line of work when I began my own practice. That client base was also interested in planning their estate, so I started establishing wills and trusts for them. Throughout my time as an attorney and businessman, I have learned valuable tools and resources to guide you through your legal matter. If you would like me to evaluate your case, contact my office today to schedule a consultation. I have clients throughout the area, including those in Norman, Yukon, Oklahoma City, and Edmond.


Why Plan Your Estate Now?

It's Never Too Early

Many people in Edmond, Oklahoma and beyond think they only need to wait until they're close to retirement to put a thorough estate plan in place. The truth is, the sooner you can establish wills, trusts, power of attorney, and so on, the better off you will be in the long run.

If things change, such as your income level or size of your estate, you can always meet with your attorney to change it accordingly. If you fail to put an estate plan in place before you die or become incapacitated, probate can be a particularly difficult process for your family members and beneficiaries.

You'll Save Time, Money, and Hassle

When your estate goes through probate without a plan, the process can prove to be complicated, lengthy, and tedious. Because you haven't established what will happen to your assets when you pass, that responsibility will be passed onto the courts, whose decisions may not reflect how you wanted them to be.

These decisions can be challenged, but it can take months or even years (and a substantial dent in the wallet) for a final decision to be made. With the help of a seasoned estate planning attorney, you can make sure all of your bases are covered to make the probate process as easy as possible for your loved ones.



Genuine Passion

Regardless of the legal matter that brings you to me, I know you are probably in a worrisome time of your life. I strive to provide a stress-free environment and try to resolve your legal matter as efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality.


Fierce Loyalty

Whether you've come to me for legal advice for your business or you're not sure how to take the first step toward an effective estate plan, your best interests will always be my top priority from beginning to end. I measure my success by your success.


Creative Strategist

You can rely on me to have out-of-the-box strategies that can help resolve your case. My previous experience in estate planning and the Oklahoma business world has given me the tools needed to increase your chances of a positive result.

The Future Can Be Daunting; I'm Here To Help Change That for You

The idea of needing to plan your estate can be overwhelming and even emotional. Thinking about what is going to happen to your property, assets, and treasures when you die is a thought process that is human nature to avoid and postpone. However, establishing a solid estate plan can not only benefit you but also those you leave behind once you're gone. When you have, in writing, exactly how you want your belongings distributed, the probate process will be much easier for your loved ones after you pass.

I am a thoroughly experienced estate planning attorney that has served clients throughout Edmond, Oklahoma, especially those looking to draft wills, trusts, or asset protection plans. If you live in Cleveland, Canadian, Oklahoma, Lincoln, or Logan County, I will be there for you through every step.

Similar to planning an estate, starting a business takes a lot of work that can make you stress about your future and what's to come. From entity formation and business sale purchases to contracts, agreements, and guidelines for online businesses, there are many legal aspects to take into consideration. With my help, your business can be up and running lawfully and in the best possible position for success.

In addition to business law and estate planning, I can help you with real estate, tax law, and bankruptcy. Schedule a consultation today to meet with me and go over your case and see what options you have. My office in Edmond, Oklahoma proudly serves those in the surrounding communities, including Norman, Yukon, and Oklahoma City.